Cookery Club

The cookery club, provides its members the opportunity to learn the various aspects of healthy eating and allows them to explore and hone their culinary skills. Extending their creativity into the kitchen, the club members are an exuberant lot, always abuzz with a new recipe or two.

Throughout the year the young chefs were involved in interesting kitchen experiments. Mastering the kitchen domain, the children tried their hand at mouth-watering cuisines –from pinwheel sandwiches to exotic salads, students were trained methodically in prepping, preparing and serving nutritious dishes. As they mastered these dishes, they then moved onto baking. The baked banana surprise and the ginger nut biscuits were sheer delights they took back home too. Weaning them away from the much-loved fast foods, the club helped children understand the value of a nutritious diet and healthy cooking.

Sampling these exquisite dishes together, brought the troupe together in more ways than one.  As it has been said,

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.

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