Clubbing with a Difference!

As our vision and philosophy is firmly embedded in the relentless pursuit of excellence and an ideal, holistic and nurturing learning environment. We at Bhavan Chandigarh, strive in providing a wide canvas and a well thought out and expansive array of activities and experiences to expose our students to a wide spectrum of life skills and learning experiences. A perfect example of this endeavour has been the introduction of a wide array of clubs to cater to the different interests, aptitudes and talent and abilities of our students. The school has a host of clubs covering multifarious areas. These clubs have been initiated not just for creating the opportunities for our students to engage in the hobbies of their choice, but they also provide us with an ideal platform to equip them with and sensitize them towards, essential life skills and abilities; infusing them with a strong value system, a firm sense of social responsibility, giving them infinite opportunities to hone their skills as well as explore a multitude of options which will later assist them in successfully shaping their careers and personalities. Over the years these clubs have been a resounding success as they have provided valuable experiential learning experiences, besides imparting and refining a host of life skills of the students in a real life setting and infusing them with a strong sense of independence and confidence, strong interpersonal & teamwork skills and a healthy amalgamation of curiosity and zest for life and learning.

Students may choose from:

  • The Ted-Ed Club
  • The Interact Club
  • Shutterbugs – The Photography Club
  • IT Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Music Club
  • Dance Club
  • Adventure & Cycling
  • Art & Craft
  • Vasundara – The Eco Club
  • The Heritage Club
  • The Health & Cookery Club
  • Sanskara – The Human Excellence Club
  • Robotics
  • MAT Club
  • Quiz & Olympiads
  • Orizone – The Oratory Club
  • MUN Club
  • Writing Club