Sports Activities - Sports and Games


Sports and health are so important to our nation that they deserve to be right at the front of people’s minds. – Daley Thompson


The Bhavan way of life enables students to deftly balance scholastic and sports activities, stimulating the mind, body and soul. Sports teach students to cope with adverse situations in life, improves mental agility and embodies in them a strong sense of cooperation, discipline and team spirit. Consequently, various indoor and outdoor games are an integral feature of our school curriculum.

Through the year, the school calendar is packed with a spate of sports events, camps and competitions, presenting the students with a wide spectrum of sporting activities which they can participate and excel in. As part of the after School Hours Programme, students train in Roller Hockey, Table Tennis, Basketball and Football by professional coaches. Besides this, students enjoy game time during the two weekly physical education periods. The school offers badminton, football, chess, cricket and skating to its students.

Annual Athletic meet:
The most sought after sporting event at the school is the Annual Athletic meet. This two day event encourages mass participation and develops sportsman spirit in students. As they participate in various track and field events of their interest, they develop much needed qualities of teamwork, strength, stamina and coordination.

Our Sports Stars:

Devika Sihag of Class 11th grade has made her mark in the Indian Badminton circles. A budding professional player training at a famous badminton academy of India, she has won numerous medals at state and national tournaments. She is proud recipient of Khelo India Scholarship from Ministry of Sports Government of India. She is India’s No-2 in doubles and No-6 in girls singles category. She is also the recipient of several sports scholarships from the Government of Haryana for her immense contribution to the field of sports.

Anushka Sharma and Shiviya Arora are making headlines in fencing by winning numerous medals at district and state level championships and are representing their state in Nationals in their respective age group.

The school is renowned for the excellent skaters it has produced over the years, who have shone bright at events in the national and international level. Young skaters Nishita Sivasamy, Karanvir Singh Kang, Arnav Jain, Paawani Tripathy and Abhiruchi Rana have been steady performers in national tournaments and will be in the race for the Indian team.

Our budding sports stars in shooting include Shubhrika Raghav and Shaurya Raghav. These student shave been honing their skills, and will soon be venturing into the big meets.

Anupcoming sport which is gaining popularity among students is Golf. Samay Jain, Charvi Vaid and Anant Digviajy Singh are promising golfers who have been steadily winning tournaments at different levels.