School Cinema

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” ~ Robert McKee

School Cinema is Bhavan’s simple way of widening students’ thought and conscientious dialogue. A collection of short films shown to the students of classes VI to VIII, School Cinema nudges them to think deeply about everyday issues that play a part in the lives of young minds today. This is a learning module on life skills, values and attitudes developed through research, and taught using short films and thought provoking workbooks. With topics ranging from self-esteem and peer pressure, to social acceptance, and honesty, these movies instill values in students in simple but impactful ways. Every movie is followed by feedback and a discussion on their impressions through simple exercises. The focus is on sensitizing everybody involved in the learning-teaching process to be more empathetic towards young people in their formative years- a challenging phase when they are assaulted by the tumults of unknown emotions and experiences. The movies under this programme have been made with great sensibilities, and derive from real life experiences. Opening up channels of communication between the two generations, the programme has been a roaring success. Indeed, the need of the hour is a communication that enthuses children, while subtly encouraging and influencing them to make the right choices.