Co-curricular Activities

                         ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

 Co curricular activities are an integral part of our school curriculum. They are planned in such a manner that they beautifully merge in the class time- table, thus breaking the monotony of the academics and adding  vibrant hues to a student’s life. The children look forward to participating in these co curricular activities and always try to put their best foot forward.



Investiture Ceremony


Investiture Ceremony marks a significant beginning of the new academic year. It is an occasion when the selected members of the school cabinet are formally vested with power and designations. The Student Council of the school comprises the School Captain (Boys),  School Captain (Girls),  Vice-Captain (Boys),  Vice-Captain (Girls) and nine other cabinet members. Every year, the formation of cabinet follows a series of set events. Prospective candidates are first nominated by their teachers and then elected by the students through a secret ballot. Elected candidates finally appear for an interview, conducted by an Electoral Board comprising students, headed by the School Principal. Investiture Ceremony is a moment of great pride and honour for every new member of the School Cabinet. It is also the time to shoulder the responsibilities with accountability and humility.


Grandparent’s Day



An annual feature of the school calendar for the fifth graders, Grandparents Day is celebrated every year with great splendour. On this occasion, the students put in their utmost effort to make this event a memorable one for their dear grandparents. The day foresees a special programme featuring an array of items by the children for the entertainment of the grandparents.

 Trips and Excursions

Trips and excursions form an intrinsic part of our curriculum. The values of life cannot be learnt only within the four walls of a classroom. Values like sharing, caring, benevolence are best imbibed once the children move out of their classrooms. Students, too wait eagerly for these trips where they not only sharpen their inter-personal skills but also strengthen their bond with their peers. Through these trips students get a chance to interact with the teachers and the co-students in an informal setting. Besides being a fun day, the students get to learn various things by actually seeing and being in the natural surroundings. 

 Prize Distribution

One has often observed that a little appreciation is the prime catalyst in bringing about wonders and making miracles happen in an individual’s life. And thus, we have our Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, which is an embodiment of this belief.  Every year, the ceremony felicitates the budding stars, who have proved their mettle with their outstanding accomplishments in curricular as well as co-curricular activities throughout the ongoing session. The event also sees the release the School Year Book comprising of an account of the year round zealous efforts of the Junior Bhavanites along with the display of their creative genius.





The students of class IV, every year organize a programme to bid farewell to the children of class V as they move on to Bhavan Vidyalaya (Senior Wing) after Grade 5. The children enthusiastically present an entertainment program for their seniors and also give them a token of remembrance.


Annual Athletic Sports Meet

Health and fitness play a very important role in the all round development of a child. Keeping this objective in mind the school organizes the annual athletic meet.





Keeping in mind the holistic development of our students, the school has introduced 16 clubs. It is mandatory for all the students from class II onwards to be a member of one of the following clubs according to their aptitude and interest. Various clubs are : Art, Calligraphy, Computer, Cookery, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Environment,Music, Photography, Public Speaking, Quiz, Reading, Social Awareness, Sports and Vedic Maths.




For the students of today, the lure of the materialistic world is very strong and indeed they find it difficult to abstain from enjoying such pleasures.  Distributing expensive gifts and celebrating special occasions like birthdays lavishly has become the order of the day.  In order to wean students away from such practices and to help them understand the traditional and more ethical way to celebrate such occasions, the school organizes a Havan every alternate month wherein students and faculty, celebrating their birthday/s in that month, participate and pay obeisance to the Almighty.



Festival Celebrations



They say, “Great values are built on strong moral foundations. Men become great when they allow these values to take root within their souls and live by them.” Keeping this paradigm in mind, the school rejoices in the spirit of each and every festival. A special assembly is organised for the D-Day where a number of items are organised by the students highlighting the essence of the occasion.




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