TED Ed Club

TED-Ed, a TED initiative, seeks to identify, enlighten and hone these students to be ‘the change we want to see in the world’. It provides a platform for young minds to speak up when wronged, to ponder on what others consider ‘a waste of time’, to recreate things from the ruins, to give birth to new ideas and to discover their true selves.

The TED-Ed club at Bhavan, strives to achieve the same through various activities. Children thought up of start-up ideas, engaged in debates and discussions on various issues enhancing their critical thinking skills. Create & Tell, spin a yarn and other such engagements got them to think out of the box and engage creatively. Videos of eminent personalities inspired these young minds, igniting a spark that they would nurture, thereby understanding their inner potential and growing up to be individuals that make a difference.

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