Oratory Club

It has been rightly said that if your words can tell what you feel then you have mastered the art of public speaking. The Oratory Club provides the perfect platform to students to give voice to their deepest thoughts with a perfect blend of confidence, vocabulary and expression.

During club meetings, students are offered opportunities to hone and nurture their hidden oratory skills. This Club chisels the oration skills of a student by not just encouraging him to speak but by also making him a good listener. Doing away with stage fear and breaking the shackles of doubt and shyness, young blooming students transformed into confident orators this year. Interesting club activities kept students hooked and they looked forward to every club day with excitement and suspense. Interesting public speaking activities gave children a platform to explore their strengths and kindled the spark in every child.

Round the year the club has been abuzz with a wide range of activities from extempore to debates, from elocutions to JAM sessions to group discussion. The club gave voice to several issues pertaining to the lives of the students, ranging from homework and stressful exams to social issues faced by the society to simple every day humour. Members also benefitted from Mock Parliamentary Debates, Guest Lectures by senior mentors and group activities involving critical thinking and problem solving. Personal feedback given to every speaker was valuable and helped them get a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

The club has been the most happening place throughout the year and every member shall agree that this club has been quintessential in grooming their personality and shaping them into better communicators.

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