MUN Club

The Bhavan’s MUN club enjoys iconic status as it has produced the best team of debaters year after year. Infusing confidence and augmenting students’ knowledge on politics and world issues, the Model United Nations club builds students’ conviction in making their opinions heard. From Indo-Pak relations to the Faukland Island Dispute, down to the Rohingya Refugees, the discourses take place on a variety of topics.

Under the guidance of the Club Teachers and experienced seniors, the student members from classes 8-10 learn to argue amicably, listen consciously and bring pragmatic solutions to conflict.

The most remarkable achievement of the club, however, was the organizing of BVC MUN 2018, wherein the organizing committee worked tirelessly to make the event an impeccable success.

The club remains a favorite among the students who join it with the zeal to learn and discover the world from a deeper perspective.

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