Art & Craft Club

It is rightly said, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” The Bhavan’s Art Club for classes 6th to 8th and classes 9th to 10th truly teaches its members to creatively organize their thoughts in the form of artistic pieces and crafts.

The members made beautiful wall hangings with old, discarded material and eye-catching flower vases from things that had gone out of use. Old CDs, empty bottles, scraps of paper, broken crayons and many more such things which we usually do not pay much heed to find an special place in the materials used regularly here. The club imparts to its members the knowledge of how to tap into their inner creative potential, be it in the form of a pop-up card or other simpler projects. With just a few simple things that can be gathered from home, the students are able to create masterpieces that leave all beholders dazzled. The Art Club is in true sense a place where imagination and creativity are allowed to run unbound.

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